Jumana El Husseini by Gaston DEIHL

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Despite the many difficult circumstances imposed on her throughout her life, Jumana El Husseini has managed to overcome these ordeals thanks to her need for artistic creation whereby she lets only a peaceful mindset and an exquisite and radiant sense of euphoria filter through.

The only proof needed of this are the accounts, also presented here, of her previous activities and her inner quest that she has tirelessly pursued, and which you will have the pleasure of discovering. With a great sense of clarity, she took the time to search for the means of expression that she had within her reach. jerusalemIn actual fact, to better escape from the difficult circumstances that she had to face every day for many years, she chose to seek refuge in the harmonious cities of her dreamscapes or, later on, in more structured compositions that she meticulously portrays in her brushwork. During the worst times, to shake off the dreaded anticipation of distressing events and moves, she forced herself to focus on her never-ending, patient labour, in embroidery and tapestry work, with the interaction of the needle and the interweaved threads of cotton or silk. As the years went by, she instinctively rediscovered the techniques of her ancestors, the patterns and designs of the popular costumes of a tradition in danger of being lost. thumb

In recent years, sweeping aside any restraints or hesitations, and finally taking advantage of a haven of peace in Paris following successful exhibitions in the United States, she has eagerly embarked on the use of a pictorial language that has brought her great satisfaction. She undeniably feels the need to forget the torment and apprehension of the past, and to feel the full enjoyment of her own freedom, regained after much tribulation.

In an unexpected and remarkable way, and in contrast to her previous efforts, her creative momentum has been spontaneously liberated, breaking boundaries, overcoming difficult obstacles, flourishing with great ease and opening up into a glorious vision in full blossom with subtle and refined delights.

Skilfully employing techniques and ingredients, using oil, pencil and pastels in turn, she undoubtedly succeeds in accentuating the general hazy and almost diaphanous appearance and the softness of the material, transporting us into an imaginary expanse punctuated with illusory urban elements or mysterious openings. The air, fluid, evanescent, azure or pink-tinged, is present everywhere, amidst brief references to nature or the false writings so dear to the Arab traditions. Marks or signs in contrasting tones punctuate and accentuate these spaces with a larger than life appearance, but, despite their considerable size, they nonetheless invite every onlooker to engage with a certain inner calm and experience a deeper level of spiritual reflection. Distant memories are in fact always present, even if they seem to be on the point of vanishing altogether, or dissipating into almost indiscernible fragments that can easily be confused. The radiant and omnipresent light transforms some of this collection of notions, giving it a powerful appeal by endowing it with a rare atmosphere of fragility and tenderness. It is up to the onlooker to construe this remarkable and extraordinary peaceful rhythm of life as he wishes. After all, isn’t such an endeavour the very aim of art? Galleryabstract

thumbMoreover, a choice is offered, in this remarkable poetic evocation, to those who prefer enigmatic moonlight scenes, skies heavy with silent threats, dense clouds in dark shaded tones, obscure breaks in the clouds through which a subtle ray of light passes. Blacks and earthy shades hold an unexpected magical quality, allowing us to forget old fears or regrets, by leading the anxious focus toward areas where hope shines through.

This represents an undeniable success for this artist, who is well known in other parts of the globe, and has been able to bravely renew her previous method of expression that brought her many a success, in order to better convey to us today her message of trust and calm spirituality in spite of the uncertainties of the future.

Written by Gaston DIEHL
Professor of Art History and Art Critic

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